As a team comprised of two individuals whose combined experiences span the world of performers, teachers, non-profit founders, institutional​ administrators and directors, and generally curious, goofy, and fun-seeking humans - we decided we wanted to give ourselves a little push to begin digging into the knowledge and experiences we have floating around in our collective brain, acquired through our years of successfully straddling multiple worlds. Through developing this blog, we hope to ourselves continue to discover and define - and then ultimately share - many of the things we have been blessed to have the opportunity to learn and experience about life as musicians in today's world. 


We've divided up our posts into general categories including "viola stuff," "piano stuff," "duo stuff," and "dual musings," and invite you to take a peek or a lengthy gander into each of these different perspectives. We hope you encounter little knacks and tidbits that might help you also continue to discover, define, and share your life experiences as well!

Molly & Anna

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